Stator Assemblies

We offer a wide range of Stator Assemblies as part of our product basket.  These  Electrical Stator Assembly are widely used mainly in various automobiles.  We ensure long lasting serviceability and efficiency with the use of latest technology. It is the electrical heart of automobile engine which generates output for ignition and battery charging in combination with rotor. Stator Assemblies are used in automobiles for 2 and 3 wheelers.

Stator AssemblyStator Assembly1Stator Assembly2Stator Assembly3Stator Assembly4Stator Assembly5Stator Assembly6Stator Assembly7Stator Assembly8Stator Assembly9Stator Assembly10Stator Assembly11Stator Assembly12Stator Assembly13Stator Assembly14Stator Assembly15Stator Assembly16Stator Assembly17Stator Assembly18Stator Assembly19Stator Assembly20Stator Assembly21Stator Assembly22Stator Assembly23Stator Assembly24

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